End of Semester 1

Posted by Renae Peterson on 1/10/2020 4:00:00 PM

So here we are at the end of Semester 1 of the 19-20 school year. I have to say that this semester was a good one. I had classes that I enjoyed and I learned a lot as well as the students.

My Financial Academy students worked hard at Financial Accounting and are ready to move on to Principles of Finance and finishing their Microsoft classes.

Personal Finance brought a lot of good discussion and insight about the realm of economics. 

Computer Applications went well with the new curriculum. Access was hard for the kids but in the end they did learn a bit about databases.

Publications had a larger class this semester [than the past couple of years] and we successfully completed our pages for the first deadline! The book is going to be another good one and they have used their creativity well in the class.

I had one 5th grade class this year because of the class size. We learned a lot and hopefully they will be able to use their Chromebooks to keep learning about the technology.

So here's to another great semester that will go by fast!